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How to travel safely during coronavirus?

Do you also love traveling but are not sure how to travel safely during coronavirus? Do you go travel often due to business and are scared of falling prey to the coronavirus? We got your back. The coronavirus has disrupted our day-to-day life and made our daily tasks like going to the grocery store or office also a mission. With the increasing cases and the daily death rate, we must follow the coronavirus travel advice and keep ourselves safe.

In this article, we will tell you about some ways and precautions you will have to follow or take to travel safely during the coronavirus and keep yourself and others around you safe.

Table of Content

  1. Air travel
  2. Car travel
  3. Public transport
  4. Hotel stays

How to travel safely?

Before we proceed with the main article you need to know to know that you should get yourself tested before traveling anywhere if you have not been vaccinated. If you are eligible to get the vaccine then it is better to get vaccinated. This will prevent you from becoming the carrier of the virus and help you keep others and yourself safe.

1. Air travel

Air travel

Many people prefer air travel. Air travel is a safe method as the air that gets circulated in the flight is purified or filtered which kills the bacteria. Most viruses cannot spread on the flight, but the coronavirus needs personal contact to spread. Standing in security lines or terminals and sitting near the other passengers in the flight can cause the germs to spread. Though the airports have increased their security and cleanliness still need to follow the guidelines:

  • Wear a mask every time, during screening or the security scans. You may have to remove it for identification but do not remove it other than that.
  • Do not let the TSA employees hold your boarding pass. Place it directly on the scanner and hold out for them to check it.
  • Always use a carry-on bag while screening for personal items. Keep a sanitiser bottle or spray handy and do not forget to use it after touching anything. Sanitize your belongings also.
  • After going through screening make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds. Also, spray your clothes and belongings with an alcohol-based sanitiser. 
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2. Car travel – Best way to travel safely during coronavirus

car travel

Traveling via car can be a bit safer. Some people like to drive and it also gives control over your surroundings. You still have to be cautious and follow some rules:

  • Try to avoid making a lot of stops while driving. If you feel exhausted then stop for a while, take a long break and then start again, but avoid stopping after every hour. Also, avoid crowded places.
  • Always keep the sanitizer bottle, extra face masks, and disinfecting wipes close by so that you can easily take them out and use them when necessary.
  • Try to avoid stopping at grocery stores to make edible items. Pack food and water before starting the journey and even if you do run out of supplies and have to make an emergency stop then try to maintain at least 6-feet distance with everyone and use disinfectant wipes and sanitizer.
  • As a gas/petrol station use wipes to wipe the car handle and the buttons before you touch them. Also, use the online or digital payment method. That will avoid you coming in contact with anyone with the possible risk of virus.
  • If you need to pick up a meal prefer a drive-thru or a restaurant that has a 5-star rating in cleanliness.

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3. Public transport

public transport

If you are traveling via bus or train then make sure to not stand amongst the public or have prolonged exposure to the crowd. Always maintain a 6-feet distance. Using public transport can have a greater risk as it increases the chances of contact. Make sure to always wear a mask and use a sanitizer at all times no matter where you are. Do not sit near the driver or other passengers. Look for a secluded seat and keep your distance. Always use a sanitizer when you touch something, especially the handles.

4. Hotel stays

hotel stays

If you are staying at a hotel then you may need to check their covid-19 protection policies. Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Always disinfect knobs, handles, light switches, countertops etc while using them and after using them
  • Wear a mask always. Wash the plates or other utensils that have been kept covered before using them.
  • Always wear a mask when the room service comes in or while talking to anyone. It can prevent you from catching the coronavirus and can keep you safe.
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Coronavirus has made our daily life a battle. This article will help you travel safely during coronavirus and your loved ones safe. We have explained everything in easy words. Hope you find this article helpful. Stay safe!


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