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Benefits of Online Education

Everyone around is aware of the pandemic, which we are suffering from for more than a year. In such a situation, education would have suffered heavily. But thanks to the benefits of online education, education has still been comparatively stable. Meeting and gathering are not possible these days as these might prove to be dangerous. Everything has shifted to an online platform no matter what the work is; there are several platforms for each job and performance according to a person’s need and requirement.

Similarly, the most critical aspect of our life is education, which has found many platforms for the ease of learning. There are several benefits of online education. Consequently, online education seems to be more efficient than class learning. Students take more interest in studying online by sitting at their homes rather than on the classroom bench and chair. Moreover, the attendance of students is also improving while they are attending online classes. Hence, learning is more accessible and comfortable for students.

Table of Content

  1. Why is online learning good?
  2. Channel for online learning
  3. 10 advantages of online education
  4. Benefits of online education in lockdown

Why is online learning good?

You must be wondering why online learning is good. Well, first of all, it is a flexible idea for education. It provides the facility for students to learn at their speed, and also the schedule is too set, which fits everyone’s agenda. One can set daily goals for their work, and in case if they miss their lecture, there is a recording facility that helps them, later on, to cover up. Some several applications and sites that provide live online classes with interactions among teachers and students create a positive environment for learning. For instance, let’s take the example of the Byjus App. It helps students with creative animations and recorded lectures over live classes. Takes examinations regularly and also provides sample questions for preparation. These are cheaper than today’s classroom learning fees.

Overall, we can consider that online learning is a good option in lockdown situations and ordinary circumstances. There is a need for a revolution in our learning system and techniques. Thus, enhancements are essential for the growth of a person.

Channel for online learning

For the smooth running and functioning of anything, a perfect channel always required. Medium for online learning is not limited to simply PDF or eBooks; you can easily find online video lectures for better understanding. Also, for online learning, you must be specific regarding your channels because you are the only one who knows what you want and your requirements?

Although youtube is the best platform to learn anything, genuinely anything, as before we said, you must be specific. The fastest-growing channels for online learning are Byjus, Unacademy, etc. The content they provide you with is the best. Efficient teachers are there on the platform to guide you, correct your mistakes, etc. They give you personalized extra classes, separate mentors, and also work on a school-based curriculum. Doubts have already cleared instantly on these platforms.

Several mentors of different channels also provide crash courses for required subjects with live and recorded sessions. So, choosing the right for learning and working on it is your responsibility. 

Lastly, the conclusion held is that change is always needed to achieve goals, and one should never stop after seeing the obstacles rather than find another way; that is what we have done—shifted to online platforms.

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10 Advantages of online education

1. There is requirement of less energy, and also, it is time-saving.

2.   Online learning is much more efficient than classroom learning.

3.   It has been observed that it is much cheaper than regular learning.

4.   Student-friendly, as it allows an individual to choose the platform and place for learning.

5.   The best advantage is that online education is flexible and promotes self-paced learning.

6.   It also helps to learn new technical skills by operating the system over different online platforms.

7.   Improves virtual connectivity and keeps you constantly connected.

8.   Builds a prime factor of self-motivation as learning new things is coming every day that motivates students to be highly motivated.

9.   It has a broader scope in learning as visiting different sites for your stuff may help you in learning new things.

10. It also refines your critical thinking skills.

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Benefits of Online Education in lockdown.

benefits of online education in lockdown

There are much known benefits of online education in lockdown.  First and foremoststudying at home will provide you with more time for learning and understanding things in a better way. Secondly, lockdown is the need of the current situation, and learning online will help you to keep in touch with your teachers and friends without any physical contact, which will save you from getting an infection and lots of suffering. Online education in lockdown is the best facility to get during the pandemic, the Covid-19 strain. 

Schools and colleges have closed classroom classes, and online education is the only best option left for continuing our studies with more ease. The learning journey of every student is different from one another. For some, this online education is a boon, and for some, it’s not more than a curse. Online learning has a range of resources and options for helping students. 


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