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The Benefits of Self-Study

The information is at the fingertips in today’s world. The benefits of self-study are exemplary. Everything from details to data is just a click away. With all the information present for the students, it is easier than ever for anybody to learn about to learn anything. It is enabling everyone to learn anything, anytime, and anywhere.  

It is a learning method where the disciple is his teacher and goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom without any supervision. This enriches the experience of learning. 

Table of Content

  1. What is self study?
  2. Benefits of self-study
  3. Difficulties in self studies
  4. Steps for self learning

What is self-study?

This manner of study is where you are the student, and you are your teacher. You bring your classroom with you. You have control over what you study, what you learn, and how you learn. It is an essential part and way of studying. It also allows you to go beyond what’s there in the books or what your instructor teaches you.  

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Benefits of self-study

  • Learning gets more effective– self-study makes the students explorers. This engages them with the topic, which results in them learning it better. The self-studier thinks deeper and more analytically. All of this together imprints the information in the brain allowing the students to learn and remember the information. 
  • Learning at one’s own pace– we all know that everyone has got their speed in learning things. Somebody is fast, whereas somebody is slower. Everyone follows their pattern. The teacher in the class cannot accommodate everyone’s different pace. So, the real benefit of self-learning lies in the fact that this allows everyone to move along at their own pace.  
  • Discovery of their topic– once a student starts self-learning, they start expanding their boundaries. They start going beyond the topic. This results in them learning and understanding the topic better. It leads to discovering new things related to the topic—some newer facts related to it and letting them grow their knowledge. 
  • Curiosity– self-learning encourages curiosity. Once somebody starts learning something on their own, they understand it better. This process houses curiosity in them. Which makes them want to understand it more, go deeper, and explore more. And it is always said, curiosity is the mother of all innovations.  

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Difficulties in self-studies

Difficulties in self studies

Everything has a good side and a bad side to it. The bad side of self-study is the many difficulties it poses in front of the learner. A few of them are: 

  • Low on motivation– Everyone has their interest. But if somebody lands upon a topic that lies beyond his level of interest. It creates a lack of drive from within. Without the internal drive, it gets difficult to finish the pending topic. This results in a low motivation level for the person. 
  • Lack of resources– it often happens that once somebody gets on doing a particular task, they face obstacles. These obstacles can be the lack of resources. The lack of right study material or stationery or the device or internet or any of the same. This lack of resources can, in turn, become a big obstacle. 
  • The time management struggle– a day won’t exceed 24 hours. And the amount of information available outside is unfathomable. At times it becomes very difficult to manage all the necessities. This, in turn, becomes a big challenge for the people who do self-study. 

But every problem has a solution. We can overcome these obstacles by learning how to indulge in self-study.  

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Steps for self-learning

  • Find what works for you– everyone has their way of learning things and understanding them. Somebody gels well with video learning whilst others go great with reading the text. One should always know what works for them. So, one should try all the available methods and find what suits them best. 
  • Set realistic goals– there is way too much information available outside. And consuming it all at one go is impossible. One should set a goal of how much is good to consume in a time frame. 
  • The study sessions– The human brain requires a break after consuming a lot of information. So, rest is necessary for its function properly. Studying in short but frequent sessions helps to learn more and in a better manner.  
  • Review your material and have the required tools– whatever you are studying. Make sure that you get yourself in touch with the right information and the right studying material. The right tools will ensure that nothing will obstruct the study flow. This will, in turn, ensure a great flow in studying. 
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Self-study is a great method of studying and has great outcomes. It ensures a great grasp of the topic. Along with a great grasp, the learner becomes much more curious and gets a great experience studying the topic. One should always encourage self-studying and reap its benefits.


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