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Tesla is Making Cars in India

Many people are asking that when tesla is coming to India. Tesla revolutionized not only the EV market but the entire automotive industry entirely. In its revolution, Tesla has supercharged our expectations when it comes to a 21st Century automotive vehicle. The plethora of groundbreaking features and facilities that come with their fleet of EVs and efficient and sustainable transportation means have allowed Tesla to become the most valued automaker in the world-beating out legacy brands like Toyota, Volkswagen.

The California-based EV maker has its Gigafactories in Las Vegas (USA), Berlin (Germany), and in Shanghai (China) for car manufacturing. It enabled Tesla to produce over 500,000 EVs in 2020, the largest among all EV manufacturers.

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  1. When is tesla coming to India?
  2. Expected Tesla models price in India
  3. When will the models releaase in India?

When is Tesla coming to India?

The official talks of Tesla coming to India in 2021, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed by hisreply to a Twitter user seeking information on Tesla’s India plan. Musk replied to the tweet in October 2020, stating, “Next Year for sure.”

With Tesla’s imminent launch in late 2021, or early-2022. The firm is eyeing showrooms in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Meanwhile, the first Tesla showroom in India is setting to be in Mumbai’s Lower Parel/Worli area.

The firm is also in talks with the Karnataka Government to set up a production plant. However, Tesla has not confirmed yet whether the plant will be for assembly or completely localized production. Moreover, Tesla is also looking to have an R&D unit in Bengaluru.

While Nitin Gadkari, India’s Road Transport & Highways and Micro, Small Enterprises minister, stated on Raisina Dialogue 2021. That he has talked with Tesla Management regarding commencing localized manufacturing of Tesla cars in India. 

In March, Gadkari also said to Reuters that India would offer Tesla incentives to make production cost lesser for India than in China.

Furthermore, according to a government proposal seen by Reuters, India plans to provide the EV giant $4.6 Billion in incentives to set up production in India.

With the pandemic delaying Tesla’s expect, India might see the availability of Tesla cars through its showrooms by late-2021 or early 2022.

CEO Musk confirmed way back in 2016 that the firm will commence its India operations by importing Model 3 first. However, the bookings of Model 3 in India were short-lived in 2016, as Tesla cited infrastructure problems.

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Expected Tesla models price in India

Initially, Tesla’s models in India are expecting to arrive as CKD (or Complete Knocked Down) units. These units could then be assembled in the Karnataka plant. It allowing the firm to offer to reduce the pricing compared to imported CBU (Or Completely Built Units) and be competitive with India’s other foreign luxury brands Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Tesla Model S

tesla s

The first mass-market car from Tesla is the Model S, which proved the practicality that Tesla endorses with their EVs. The top of the line tri-motor Model S Plaid + offers a range of over 830 KMs with a 0-100 KMPH acceleration of under 1.99 seconds!

However, this is not a variant of expecting to come to India soon, as even the base variant costs at the starting range of ₹1.3-₹1.5 crores.

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Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3

The cheapest design in Tesla’s fleet as of yet has become the top-selling model of the firm. The car’s top-end models boast 0-100 KMPH as fast as 3.1 seconds with a range of around 569 KMs. The vehicle seats five adults comfortably with segment-leading cargo space. Furthermore, the car also comes with features like a panoramic sunroof, self-driving capabilities, and software improvements through OTA updates.

The Tesla Model 3 is expecting to cost in the starting range of ₹55-₹60 lakhs, decreasing with FAME subsidies and other incentives.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The seven-seater premium offering from Tesla, the Model X, is expecting to cost around the starting range of ₹ 2 crores. The car’s top-end models offer 0-100 KMPH as fast as 2.5 seconds with a range of up to 580 KMs. 

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Based on a similar platform as that of the Model 3, the Model Y is also quickly gaining popularity rivaling the Model 3.

The CUV (or Crossover Utility Vehicle) car’s top-end models have 0-100 KMPH within 3.5 seconds with a range of 525 KMs. The vehicle seats seven adults comfortably with segment-leading cargo space at approximately 68 cu ft.

The Tesla Model Y expected to cost is in the starting range of ₹65-₹70 lakhs. While this is the first car to make in India, some sources believe that the Model Y will be the second offering from the firm.

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When will the Models release in India?

There have been no official announcements of Tesla releasing date in India. However, However, there is open to booking tesla cars in late2021. Therefore, the people of India are holding their breathe and waiting for the new launch of Tesla.


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