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10 Biggest Problems to Work from Home in 2021

Covid-19 has ripped the economy and brought it to tatters. Employees are forcefully working from home, and often we hear what problems to work from home? Isn’t that good?

Well, it’s a half-baked opinion to call it a comfortable and better remedy for the employees. In the very beginning, employees were raving at the idea of working from home.

Further, it brought them comfort in terms of schedule, workspace, managing house, and work. However, analyzing the bigger picture shows the answers to – “What problems to work from home?” Several reasons support the same.

Table of Content

  1. Deprivation of teamwork
  2. Dearth of Motivation
  3. Unmonitored performance
  4. Frequent breaks
  5. Lack of equipment
  6. Security Concerns
  7. Distractions
  8. Burnout
  9. Risk to productivity
  10. Family demands attention

1. Deprivation of teamwork

Deprivation of teamwork

We all recall, Aristotle once talked about a man being a social animal. Further, how society consists of unique individuals working together and co-dependent on each other provides scope for teamwork.

In addition, the biggest challenge of working from home during covid is working alone. Meanwhile, many distractions at the workplace act as leisure, reducing the level of monotonous working patterns.

Besides the lack of usual fun, there are several other impediments of lack of teamwork:-

  • The computer screen is the only colleague. So lack of interaction makes the work dull and weary.
  • Spending long hours without face-to-face interaction is proving complicated.
  • Although people connect via Zoom calls or Skype, it isn’t a practical discussion.
  • Brainstorming ideas while sitting together is essential at times.

Therefore, lack of teamwork becomes one of the biggest challenges of working from home during covid.

2. Dearth of Motivation : Problems to Work from Home

Furthermore, the situation outside is concerning, with increasing cases of demotivation rising every day, creating a panic situation everywhere. In addition, focusing on work and remaining motivated can become arduous.

Consequently, losing motivation can have severe outcomes for the business. Hence, self-motivation can help anyone in enhancing work efficiency and quality work within a specified timeline. Here’s how working in the office can help boost motivation.

  • Shared goals and everyday purposes help to stay motivated.
  • Talking with seniors acts as a source of motivation.

Working from home does not have this environment. Additionally, self-motivation cannot always help a person.

3. Unmonitored performance

The performance of employees needs good scrutinization regularly. Hence, working independently becomes tough. Further, self-regulation and self-discipline aren’t something that everyone can practice.

Simultaneously, the work is solely dependent on the volition of the employees. Finally, they are around and procrastinate without being under constant regulation

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4. Frequent breaks

One of the significant problems of working from home in India is frequent breaks. Moreover, employees in India are prone to take breaks unless the timeline for accomplishing work is too short. Hence, this jeopardizes the vital work.

  • People take more breaks than regular.
  • In the office, they work more effectively and efficiently because they get a limited number of leaves.

It becomes hard to control them in case of remote working. The employees spiral out on procrastination.

5. Lack of equipment

There are several problems to work from home and one of that is lack of equipment.

Working from has been an excellent advantage for those employees who were tired of a small space. Further, they choose to have a bigger working space and change their favorite area to a working space.

In addition, that adds to comfort. However, technological issues become a significant barrier here. Meanwhile, here are some common problems that employees face in terms of equipment:-

  • Inability to set up a high-end laptop or desktop in comparison to an office desktop.
  • Printers and fax machines can be costly.
  • Not everyone has access to high-speed internet.

6. Security Concerns

The leading issue when it comes to working from home is the security of sensitive files. However, the major work from the home problem in India is access to sensitive files from home.

Moreover, you can do it quickly at the workplace. Moreover, sharing the files adds to the security risks. Hence, to avoid breaching, one has to use VPN. Consequently, not every employee is fluent in these technological advances.

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7. Distractions


Lack of a good working environment can lead to distractions. Further, with household noises, family, and other chores, it gets difficult to focus on work.

Moreover, not every household provides the luxury of being a good working space. Subsequently, it gives employees ample time to spend with family and doesn’t provide suitable working conditions.

8. Burnout

Working in the office draws a line between professional life and personal life. Meanwhile, when employees tend to work at home, they forget the schedule and keep postponing. Moreover, it takes longer than usual for the same amount of work.

9. Risk to productivity

The feeling of being isolated and lack of motivation brings laziness in people. Moreover, it leads to more distractions and less work. In addition, people start postponing their work.

It leads to a lack of productivity.

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10. Family demands attention

family demand attention

At home, it gets difficult to explain the importance of work to family members. Further, members usually tend to consider that since you are at home, things are less hectic. Additionally, this makes it difficult to meet your family’s expectations while working every time during working hours. 

Therefore, the grass is always greener on the other side; we may feel that working from home is more manageable. However, technological issues, family, and other drawbacks are visible.

These are major problems to work from home that you have to face in this pandemic days.


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