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Top 5 E-bike Manufacturers in India

Looking for top E-bike Manufacturers in India because India is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world. However, India’s 2020 annual two-wheeler sales were at around 14.8 Million, which is down by 23.3% since last year.

While COVID has impacted a lot of sales in the entire automotive industry in India, the all-time high fuel prices have also been a contributing factor.

Combined with the fact that several metro cities of India consistently rank amongst the world’s most polluted cities, buyers have been looking towards owning EVs. Both the Government and automotive giants have been pushing towards setting up the EV infrastructure in India.

While all-electric cars will take some years of R&Ds before their successful launch in India, electric two-wheelers are already on the horizon.

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  1. Here are the top E-Bike manufacturers in India
  2. Upcoming e-bike manufacturers

Here are The Top E-Bike Manufacturers in India

Hero Electric

hero electric

The largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India, Hero Electric, has been propelling the growth and acceptance of sustainable EV scooters in India. With the largest dealer network of all the Electric Two-wheeler manufacturers. Hero Electric boasts its availability in over 25 states in India.

Hero has segregated its product lineup into two segments: City Speed (HX) and Comfort Speed (LX). The City Speed lineup offers speed beyond 42km/hr, While the Comfort Speed lineup offers e-bikes with a speed rate below 25km/hr. The Comfort Speed lineup does not require a license to ride as the speed is electronically limited to 25 km/hr.

Hero Electric’s electric bike prices start at around ₹47000 (ex-Showroom) to ₹84000 (ex-Showroom).

Hero Electric’s best-selling e-bikes include the Photon (HX), which offers up to 108 KM of range, combined with 45km/hr of speed at the ex-showroom price ₹80000.

Simultaneously, the Optima (HX) costs around ₹62,000 and offers a speed rate of 42 km/hr with 82KM of range per charge. Furthermore.

Hero’s Comfort Speed lineup’s best seller model is the Flash (LX), which offers a range of 85 KMs and a top speed of 25 km/hr to enable buyers to ride it without the need for a license, road tax, or registration. 

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Ather electric scooter

Ather Energy is also backed by Hero MotoCorp, which offers premium e-bike scooterists in India.

It has several innovative features in its arsenal that make it a prime choice for tech-savvy buyers and their city commutes. This lineup offers two models as of yet, the 450x and the 450 Plus.

Both the model offers a top-speed up to 80km/hr. The range differs, with the 450X having an accurate scope of 85 KMs and the 450 Plus having an acceptable range of 70KM.

The acceleration from 0-40Km/hr of the 450X is around 3.3 seconds in Warp Mode, while the 450 Plus takes 3.9 seconds to get to 40 Km/hr from the standstill.

The 450X is available at ₹1,59,524 (ex-showroom) while the 450 Plus is available at ₹1,40,514.

This bike is the only e-bike manufacturer that took a page out of Tesla’s book and offered a charing network of fast-DC Chargers called the “Ather Grid.”

It is currently functioning in Bengaluru and Chennai, with plans of expansion to Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR, and Pune.

That makes Ather one of the most promising and one of the best electric bike manufacturers.

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bajaj electric scooter

Bajaj, the leading two-wheeler manufacturer, delved into e-bike manufacturing with its all-electric Chetak scooter back in 2020. The scooter is targeting the premium segment with a price of ₹1.42 lakh. The scooter has a top speed of 70km/hr with a range of 95 KMs.


tvs electric bike

TVS also joined the e-bike manufacturing game in early-2020 with its TVS iQube Electric Scooter. The TVS iQube offers a top speed of 78km/hr and a range of up to 75 KMs.

It is available at ₹1.08 (Delhi, On-Road Price) and ₹1.20 (Bengaluru, On-Road Price).


Revolt bike

Revolt is the only manufacturer as of yet that is offering a true e-bike. It is coming in the form of a motorcycle rather than a scooter. The Revolt 300 offers up to 180 KMs of range with a top speed of up to 65Km/hr, available at ₹94,999 (ex-showroom).

The Revolt 400 offers up to 150 KMs of capacity with a top speed of up to 85 Km/hr, It is available at ₹1.19 lakhs.

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Upcoming E-Bike Manufacturers in India

Ola Electric

Ola Electric bike

In late-2020, Ola invested ₹2400 crore in building the world’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturing plant. The plant is eventually expected to manufacture over 10 million units per year.

Ola Electric is now pushing the envelope to bring its electric scooters to the Indian market as soon as July 2021. The scooter is expected to be priced around ₹1 lakh with competitive specifications to that of the Ather 450X.

The firm is also investing $ 2 billion in its charging infrastructure in India. Ola plans to set up around 1 lakh charging points throughout 400 cities. The firm also plans to set up 5000 charging points in the first year itself.


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