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10 Tips to Protect Eyes from Blue Light

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your laptop working for hours? Or is your kid spending a lot of screen time? Do you spend long working hours outside in the sun? 

If this is the situation, then your eyes and your health are at high risk of getting impact because of the blue rays emitted from these electronics and the sun. 

Table of Content

  1. What is blue light?
  2. How Blue light affects your eyes?
  3. Protect Eyes from Blue Light

What is Blue Light?

You must be wondering as to what blue lights are? 

Electronics and the sun generally emit blue light, and they can come to damage your eyes specifically and can also impact your health badly. The visible spectrum exposes anyone to the short wavelengths of blue light. Even the high-energy rays also can see in the sky, making it look blue, which can be harmful to your eyes. 

The blue light in itself isn’t harmful or detrimental, but instead, it helps boost our mood and alert us. Further, it promotes cognitive control and memory and aids in the body’s normal sleep cycle regulation (circadian rhythm).

How Blue light affects your eyes?

how blue light affects your eyes

High levels of blue light are generated from screens, which can cause eye strain and long-term vision damage. But overexposure to its brightness, on the other hand, can impact your retinal function resulting in the damage of your retinal cell (raise the risk of macular degeneration). It can cause eye strain which is also called computer vision syndrome.

The usual filters in our eyes are insufficient to shield us from blue light. The light can quickly move through the cornea and into the Retina with ease. This can impair our vision and lead to eye problems.

Many people are exposed to varying screen time, which affects our eyes in the long run. Many physical, behavioral, and emotional problems have been linked to blue light. Sleep disturbances, headaches, an elevated risk of diabetes or cancer, and mood disorders are among them. Since blue light will increase energy levels, our bodies associate it with the daytime. Sleep routines can disrupt as a result of this. While a small amount of blue light is acceptable, using electronics all day will be safer with security.

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Protect Eyes from Blue Light

Digital devices play an essential part in our life, and it is not possible to cut them out, and this is why we need to follow specific measures for protecting our eyes from the harmful blue rays. Here are ten tips to protect eyes from blue light: 

  1. Wear Protective Glasses:  If you are using your screen for long hours, then regular breaks in between would not help you in any way and cannot protect your eyes from getting strained. This is why you need to invest in a pair of glasses that acts as a protective shield while you use your computer or screen. The yellow-tinted lenses used in these glasses reduce digital eye pressure by blocking the harmful blue light.

2. Wear Sunglasses: If you are working outside, then wearing sunglasses is the best thing to protect your eyes from the sun. 

3. Use Screen Filter: Adding a special screen filter to the front of the user is a simple way to help minimize exposure to optical blue light. Screen filters are inexpensive and capture a significant amount of the blue light generated by digital devices, reducing vulnerability.

4. Use Anti-reflective glasses: In addition to this, you need to go for computer glasses that primarily use anti-reflective lenses. By protecting against blue light reflections on both sides of the lens, the coating adds an extra layer of comfort and security.

5. Reducing Screen Time: Reducing your screen time is one of the most significant improvements you can go for that can help you protect your eyes from harmful blue light. You can go screen-free when you are not working and can spend some quality time reading books or spending some time exercising or indulging in any new hobby. 

6. Screen Protector: This can be one of the best ways of preventing the blue rays from impacting your eyes by using a blue light screen protector on your electronic gadgets. 

7. Boost Macular pigment: The macular pigment is the predominant blue-light absorbing tissue in the skin. Supplementation can help to boost these carotenoids. To improve macular integrity, take lutein and zeaxanthin supplements.

8. Screen Wipes: You can use screen wipes on your screens or your monitor to reduce glare. 

9. Night Mode Filter: You should enable the night mode filter or the blue light filter on your device. This would filter out the blue light on your screen and thus, making your screen much warmer. 

10. Blinking Frequently: When watching screens, blink often and more frequently and take a break from them at least once an hour.


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