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How to Play Xbox Games on PC?

Have you ever wanted to play your Xbox games on PC or computer? Well, if so, then you’re in fortune!

For the last few years, Microsoft has been mapping its platform for Xbox games beyond the console. Further, gamers have started sensualizing the benefits of having a combined platform for their Xbox games.

Additionally, Microsoft enabled playing the original Xbox with the Play Anywhere program plus Windows 10 computer with super convenience through Game Pass for PC.

Indeed, It received a great response from homies/gamers having Xbox consoles. In addition, the platform got shifted, using a singular console to compete is not necessary.

Table of Content

  1. Play Xbox using Xbox Play Anywhere
  2. Play Xbox games through streaming in Windows 10
  3. Which Xbox is the best?
  4. Critical features of Xbox Series X
  5. Critical features of Xbox Series S
  6. How to connect the Xbox controller to pc?

Play Xbox using Xbox Play Anywhere

Further, if you’re a gamer who already owns the Microsoft Xbox game that comprises the Xbox Play Anywhere list, then it’s a victory for you! Besides, you can play any game on pc without serving any additional charges. Moreover, the process allows you to sync your gaming data between your Xbox One and your computer.

Go to the link and create or login in to your Microsoft account.

Next, scroll and explore the page and discover the exciting list of Xbox games. Hence, you can find ample selections.

Click on the game through which you wish to entertain yourself. However, if you don’t own the particular sport already, you’ll have to purchase it for access.

Afterward, click on “Get” or “Install.” You may see a pop-up appearing that will request you to use the Microsoft Store app. At last, click on that option and allow yourself to proceed.

Now that you have installed the game, you’re ready to launch the game. Click on “Play.” Enjoy gaming!

Play Xbox games through streaming in Windows 10

play xbox games on windows 10

The game you desire to enjoy not auto-added to the Xbox Play Anywhere list? In that case, playing it via streaming is your reliable option. However, to enable this feature, your Xbox One and PC should have the same internet connection.

In addition, make sure both systems have a stable internet connection and are fully updated. Consequently, an unstable internet connection means higher chances of losing chances.

Go to the Xbox One’s Home screen & click the Xbox button displaying on the controller.

Next, go to the “Profile & System” option, click on the “Setting” tab.

There, navigate to the “Devices & connections” section and click on the “Remote features” tab.

 Choose “Xbox app preferences.”

Furthermore, you can see the “Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox” and “Allow connections from any device” option on the left-side menu. Select any. Additionally, click on “Allow game streaming to other devices” on the right-side menu.

Meanwhile, unite your PC with an Xbox controller employing Bluetooth or else a USB joint.

Now, On the computer, tap the “Start” button.

In the search bar, type “Xbox Console Companion.” Tap “open” after it arrives.

Subsequently, open the Xbox Console Companion app on the computer. Snap-on, the icon was matching an Xbox console on the left sidebar. Therefore, when you wave your cursor of the mouse and keyboard Xbox one over it, it’ll show “connection.”

Select the Xbox console you want to play. Lastly, click on “stream” to start the action.  

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Which Xbox is the best?

Do many games opt for an honest opinion regarding “Which Xbox is best?” – Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X? Further, we’ll present you with the precise solution to determine the compatible and suitable one.

Both of the devices, fortunately, are configured with the next-generation console in terms of Xbox gaming. Simultaneously, the series is even future-proofed with a fascinating 5+ years satisfaction guarantee for entertainment.

Besides, the Xbox one consoles are more likely to be sunset shortly from upcoming future games.

However, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are sleek models from Microsoft. Moreover, both have interestingly similar Xbox console names along with almost identical and incredible gaming libraries.

In addition, these features are enough to capture the gamers. Nevertheless, when it’s coming to their capabilities, there’s a huge difference.

Critical features of Xbox Series X

  • 4K UHD Blu-ray drive
  • Capable for physical games
  • A spacious 1TB SSD storage option (can store about 16 games)
  • Render games in original 4K at 60 frames-per-second
  • Quick resume
  • Added features – Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Most robust & promising console
  • Pretty expensive

Critical features of Xbox Series S

  • Affordable & convenient
  • 512GB SSD storage (can store around 5-games)
  • Renders 1440p gaming
  • Quick resume
  • Added features – Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

As per your budget, requirements, and personal taste, you can choose your gear.

How to connect the Xbox controller to pc?

1.  Connect via USB cable

Just plug one end into a USB port on your PC and the slim end into your Xbox One controller. Roll the Xbox button to turn on the controller. 

2. Connect via Bluetooth

It works for the latest models (Xbox Series S|X). For this first, go to the “Settings,” click “Devices,” and head” Bluetooth & other devices” option in Windows 10. Finally, enable the Bluetooth option and add the device to the list. 

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This is all about Play Xbox Games on Pc and now you have plenty of options to choose yourself a perfect Xbox series and connect with your pc to begin playing. We hope our guide will enhance your gaming experience, and now you can successfully connect your Xbox with pc. 


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