Home Technology Industrial Electric – Introduction and Types of Electric Heaters

Industrial Electric – Introduction and Types of Electric Heaters

Industrial Electric – Introduction and Types of Electric Heaters

Industrial electric heaters are highly efficient and offer a safe and reliable way to keep your business running without any problems. You can trust any brand, which uses advanced technology to provide security service for its customers.

With the help of its intelligent temperature controller, you can set the temperature level that you want. When it comes to the features, they offer a lot of advantages. It has an Automatic temperature adjustment system, which helps you maintain a constant temperature throughout your process, thus saving energy and money. Its fully variable voltage system offers better efficiency than other types of industrial electric heaters. The electric motors used in this industrial heater can be switched on and off as needed, and there is no need for any External Power supply. These industrial Electric Heaters are highly effective and can quickly transfer heat up to a distance of 10 ft or more.

Table of Content

  1. Strip Heater
  2. Tubular heater
  3. Duct Heater
  4. Immersion heater

Types of industrial electric heaters

Strip Heater

Strip Heater

Strip heaters are specially designing for user specifications. They utilize a high-quality high-temperature stainless steel sheath with nickel/chromium plating resistance wire for accurate, uniform heating and long-lasting durability. The stainless steel sheath provides reliable and uniform heat distribution. The high-quality sheath makes it easy to install, lightweight for ease of transportation, and low Energy Consumption, which can save your money on electricity and heating bills.

The application of this particular kind of electric heater can divide into two main types. One of them is calling as the direct current Application of the strip heater, and another one is the Electrical alternating current application of the strip heater.

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Tubular heater

Tublar heater

Tubular heaters are extremely efficient heating systems that are available in many models and sizes. They are extremely portable and often used in boats, garages, storage facilities, and yards. They have tubular shapes and can make of metal, glass, or ceramic material. All three of these materials generate heat with the same efficiency. Tubular heaters function on any of these three principles of heat conduction, radiation, or convection.

Tubular heaters have variable temperatures along with a wide range of temperatures and currents they can maintain. As the size of a tubular Heater is dependent on the diameter and length of the outer diameter, it’s important to determine the size of your electric heating elements prior to buying one. Typically, standard diameters for electric heating elements are 0.474″, which correspond to an outer diameter of 0.5″. You can check the standard diameters on the appliance label also.

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Duct Heater

Duct Heater

Duct Industrial heaters offer improved comfort and increased airflow through Small ducts throughout a building, particularly in cold areas furthest from the central HVAC unit. By keeping warm or circulating hot air through smaller Ductwork within the building. these heaters are using for decades in conjunction with central air conditioning systems as an economical way of providing extra room temperature throughout. The building by keeping the ducts warmer than air that enters the building directly.

This heater can also be used as a primary heat source in buildings, contributing to the overall heating efficiency of the building while reducing energy use at the same time.

Heating pumps are also one of the most common duct heater applications. These units work by providing hot air to a building through an air duct System and then storin. The hot air in an enclosed unit which the boiler uses as a storage heat source. There are two types of heat pumps-static and dynamic. The static pump is power by the electric motor, while the Dynamic pump functions with the help of a helical screw air system. Which is making for variable speed operation, and thereby can be used in situations. where a Fixed power supply is not available.

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Immersion heater

Immersion heater

Immersion heaters are economical and quick. It efficient way for heating fluids in vessels, tanks, or other Equipment without a lot of open space to work with. Also called bayonet heaters, these smaller-sized electric heaters have heating components. That can be easily set up directly into a liquid-filled container of hot water, oil, or any other liquid. They have two standard types, electrical or gas-powered, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking to buy an Immersion Heater, it is always Important to know the heating system you will be using. And how much space you have available for the unit. It will be a good idea to get Professional help from an electrician. If you are not sure of your wiring or heating system.

Immersion heaters can also be used for convection heating applications. Convection is one of the most eco-friendly energy consumption options because. It circulates the liquid without exposing it to direct flame or heating air.

Most Immersion Heaters Available on the Market today can be used with any liquids, from vegetable oils and canola to the popular Freon.

The cost-effective nature of these Systems makes them an excellent choice for many new. And experienced business owners, homeowners, and restaurant owners alike.

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It has been found that the industrial electric heater uses less energy than another conventional type of heater. There are a number of factors like availability of space, proximity to the building, number of equipment to be heated. And climate where you should focus your attention.

If you are looking for a heater that can be installed easily, You should go for one which can be put up easily and does not require too much space.

This will save you a lot of your time and money. And you will have a safe and secure working environment. If you want to buy an efficient heating system that offers maximum safety and warmth to your employees. You should go for the heated floor systems.