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Summer Treks in India

Summer Treks in India

Summer is around the corner, let’s pack our bags for the hunt an exciting jaunt with heartfelt moments for the lifetime. The best trek is here, just grab a seat and have amazingly gorgeous memories. Golden opportunity to run down the blissful terrain, get your vibe here. Trekking during vacay is the thing not to miss ever and there are numerous summer-friendly treks sketched all over India’s map. Most of the treks can be located in the northern part of India although there are a few summer treks in India that can be jaunt in the central and southern region of India.

One longing for a pure solitude, serene, relaxing yet adventurous vacation. Trekking is a great and worthwhile thought to choose around the globe during the Tanning months. Trails to explore-trekking is a fun interest for many youngsters as well as adults too. The journey is definitely gonna be super thrilling, momentous yet challenging.

Almost everyone with good health, fitness, and dedication can expedite any trek. Performing activity and exploring the beauty of nature alone is a wholesome experience to relish and cherish throughout.

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  1. Top 5 Summer Treks in India

Top 5 Summer Treks in India

Trail enthusiasts wait to gear up for Summer Trek. Ones crazy to go in scorching heat for fun, passion, freshness, and great trek are truly experiencing the bliss. Trekking during Summer is surely a perfect getaway for a tranquil and rousing experience. Summer Treks in india to explore;

Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of flowers trek is one of the best summer treks in India. It has its mythological significance that Hanuman brought the magical herb to resuscitate Lakshman. The spiritual souls are still consistent to believe that the magical herb (Sanjeevni) still grows in the park.

It is amazing to see the whole land roll in the vibrant hues blossom, it appears purely enchanting and adoring to be experiencing the moment there. More than about  700 species of florals grow here It also caters to wildlife as gorgeous habitats and diverse areas feel like home. Therefore some rare and endangered animals also constitute the biodiversity of this excellent valley.

Prashar Lake Trek 

It is the must-visit spot that pours the vibrance of natural beauty and serene aura to enjoy the place that also has a tent pitching facility.

Open starry sky with a lovely peaceful aura, bonfire, and your traveling soul is the best of all. Prashar lake follows the charming trails to it along with the deciduous or deodars. 

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David Scott Trail Trek

Trail Trek named after the British administrator David Scott is one of the oldest trekking routes in Meghalaya.

Perfect for a week-long sojourn, we wanted to explore the state slowly and explore a few unfrequented places. So walking along the path of Mr. Scott fell well in place! David Scott trekking is the most popular trek in Meghalaya with a  Mind-blowing experience with beautiful views, a river, and lots of adventure and thrill. The trail starting point is from mawphlang village and it ends at Cherrapunji.

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Malana Village Trek

Malana Village Trek

It is an ancient Himalayan hamlet now known as Parvati Valley. This Amazing place appeals to mark your presence to its snow-glazed mountain peaks, valleys, picturesque, waterfalls, and gushing streams. Malana is a small autonomous village with peculiar customs that offers you: from the pulley bridge to marshlands to alpine meadows of Odi Thach, dense forests and glaciers near the Pass.

The lush greenery, flowers, hot water spring bath, and many more beckoning valleys, the scintillating streams, and the mountains in the background are just perfect for everyone. As the name only hints Its specialty ‘malana’ the best quality of hashish Is cultivated here by the locals. This trek provides the trekker with heart-warming moments to take along. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek 

Trekking at this spot is a bit risky, super thrilling, and exciting as during the trekking one has to do some steep stepping, and it looks so clear and freshwater when the sun shines on that falling water looking soo crystalline lake and beauty of nature. Take your own camping stuff, including Camp, Hiking shoes, Sleeping bag, sleeping pads, etc.

Bhrigu trek offers beautiful valleys, altitude grasslands, terrains, gorgeous meadows, snow-covered peaks, lush plateau, and snow depending upon the month of visit. It has a unique vibe and features that the lake never freezes and remains in the same condition so it looks quite adorable or night becomes shrilling and chilling as the temperature gets too low.