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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Blood?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Blood

When one intakes alcohol, the very first body organ that breaks down alcohol in your body is liver. Further, our own immune system metabolizes almost one percent of the alcohol content. Age, weight, gender, and the amount of food consumed can all influence how quickly the body processes alcohol.

New Quarantine Rules in India for International Travelers

Quarantine Rules in India for International Travelers

During this COVID – 19 pandemic, the government has changed the rules and made new quarantine rules in India for international travelers.

The global pandemic has fundamentally altered our perspective of the environment. There has been a substantial increase in coronavirus cases globally, which has raised the bar for health consciousness. This resulted in WHO declaring measures for social distancing, isolation, quarantining, which has been followed by the nations. 

India is one of the worst-hit nations due to the rage of Coronavirus that has resulted in the killing of millions of people. Because of the difficult circumstances, the country and its ministry are working to make it easier for qualified passengers to fly within and across borders by establishing travel bridges with several countries and facilitating repatriation flights.

From the time of potential SARS-CoV-2 infection, a quarantine period of up to 14 days is advised. The Ministry of Home Affairs in India, through its guidelines on international travel, has mandated that all passengers entering the country via international flights have to undergo home quarantine/self-health surveillance for 14 days and, as warranted, following this standard guideline.

In case you are a foreigner or a stranded Indian and want to return to India, you must obey strict quarantine guidelines as declared by the govt and the ministry. These new SOPs or the Standard Operating Procedures apply to all foreign passengers arriving from the United Kingdom, Brazil, or South Africa and traveling by flights originated in the United Kingdom, Europe, or the Middle East. As there are no direct flights between India, Brazil, and South Africa, most passengers from these countries do so via transit flights from Europe or the Middle East; the broader classification was used.

Quarantine rules in India for international travelers

There are several Quarantine rules in India for international tourists released by the government and some of which are

  1. As new mutant coronavirus strains emerge from various countries, India has released new guidelines for foreign travelers. On February 22, 2021, at 23:59, it has come into effect. Those coming from the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa are given great attention to the guidelines. The government has set up quarantine centers to prevent the virus from spreading among possibly infectious foreign returnees. These facilities strictly follow all COVID-19 recommendations released by the center. Apart from government facilities, some hotels in airport cities have been licensed to house quarantined passengers.
  2. Necessary precautions, such as wearing masks, respiratory hygiene, environmental hygiene, and hand hygiene, are to be practiced by airline personnel, crew, and passengers while onboard the aircraft.
  1. On March 13, 2021, India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released a circular stating that any non-compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, such the not wearing a mask in the airplane, would result in passengers being labeled as “unruly passengers” who will be asked to de-board or face legal consequences. 
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  1. Passengers arriving from the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East would be required to undertake a molecular test at their own expense on their arrival before quarantine or before they start continuing their journey. Additionally, travelers from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil will be required to wait for the results of the RT-PCR test if they have an onward link and will only leave when the test results are negative. After that, the passengers must be quarantined at home for seven days before being re-tested. They should self-monitor their health for the next seven days if they test negative again.

During this pandemic people getting afraid of coronavirus, we have covered a detailed guide about How to travel safely during coronavirus?

how to travel safely
  1. Passengers flying farther to smaller airports after arrival at one of India’s international hubs, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and others, will be required to announce their final destination. At the same time, they fill out the self-declaration form. Like all the other passengers in this group, they will be required to undergo mandatory self-paid confirmative molecular tests upon arrival at the entry destination. They will only be able to board their connecting flights if they test negative. As a result, the government has proposed that all passengers taking connecting flights inside India leave at least 6-8 hours between flights.
  1. The rules remain the same for all travelers who do not fall under this group, and they will be subjected to the current exemptions and quarantine standards upon arrival. Those passengers who have come into contact with travelers arriving from the United Kingdom, South Africa, or Brazil who have tested positive (either at the airport or later during the home quarantine period) will be subjected to institutional quarantine in distinct quarantine centers and checked on the seventh day (or any time before that in case they develop symptoms).

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By sending a negative RT-PCR test report upon arrival, travelers may request an exemption from institutional quarantine. This test should have been completed within 96 hours of leaving for the trip. For consideration, the test report must be submitted to the portal. If the information is false, the passenger must sign a statement stating that it is true. If this is not done, the passenger will face criminal charges. The test report must be presented upon arrival in India at the point of entry airport.

Can You Play PS4 Games on PS5?

can you play ps4 games on ps5

Many rumors accompanied the release of the PS5 console. The question most asked was: can you play PS4 games on PS5? Among the stories, the most common one was the compatibility of PS5 with games from the last generation.

The PS4 has a plethora of games, which is more than 4000. It would be a considerable loss for players who’d already had vested interests in the previous games. Committed gamers want to hold on to the last games, which is natural.

Tips for Choosing the Right Time to Buy Bitcoins

Tips for Choosing the Right Time to Buy Bitcoins

Before jumping on to the bitcoins though, ask yourself this: is this the right time to buy Bitcoins

Want to invest in bitcoins? That’s a great idea. Bitcoin is the millennial’s new obsession. In spite of the complications in investing, most people are either already investing, or thinking of investing in Bitcoins.

What is Fashion Designing?

what is fashion designing

If you possess a creative mind and are into designing, then fashion designing is for you. If you have the ability to be innovative and authentic and aim at making people look good, then you might be interested in fashion designing.

Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your business

Digital marketing is an outcome of new-age technology. This technology has given rise to rapid changes in marketing strategies. Without embracing digital marketing, you won’t be able to survive in this digital world. The best way to survive is to adapt to a digital society.

Best Electric Cars to Buy in India

Best electric cars to buy in India

In this post we have covered best electric cars to buy in India with complete reviews and prices.

India’s automotive industry has been on a steady decline for the last two years. The domestic vehicle sales volume has declined 14 percent since 2019. While COVID-19 imposed lockdowns is a contributing factor, most of the Y-O-Y decline could be due to the high fuel prices, which rose by 15-17 %, according to Indian analytical firm – CRISIL. It has increased the cost of ownership by 8-10% since last year. Moreover, these factors, combined with air pollution in most of the metro cities of India, have pushed the Indian Government to make strides for developing an Electric mobility infrastructure. 

Benefits of Sanitizer and How it works?

Benefits of sanitizer

Everyone is well aware of the value of using hand sanitizers in view of the current Covid 19 pandemic. This is most likely the most powerful method of combating the deadly infection. Aside from the covid 19, other infections are on the rise and are considered a major health threat around the world. The most common way for microbes and pathogens to propagate is through human hands. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of personal and hand hygiene in the prevention of infectious diseases. Read more to know the benefits of sanitizer

How to Play Xbox Games on PC?

play Xbox games on pc

Have you ever wanted to play Xbox games on pc or computer? Well, if so, then you’re in fortune! 

For the last few years, Microsoft is mapping its platform for Xbox games beyond the console. Gamers have started sensualizing the benefits of having a combined platform for their Xbox games. In recent years, Microsoft enabled playing the original Xbox with the Play Anywhere program plus Windows 10 computer with super convenience through Game Pass for PC. 

It indeed received a great response from homies/gamers having Xbox consoles. Since the platform got shifted, using a singular console to compete is not needed.

How to Upgrade Lifestyle on a Budget?

upgrade lifestyle on budget

Who doesn’t want to upgrade lifestyle on a budget? Everyone does. We all want to have something big or aim at doing something with our lifestyle.

It is quite obvious because, with time, it is conspicuous that after a certain time, we get bored of regular life. Either we want to work on our home, our surrounding, or even on ourselves, it depends.