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Top 5 Programming languages for software development in 2021

In this generation, the most important skill to learn is Programming languages for software development.

Today, computer applications have entered in almost every industry.

We are slowly assuming from the technology world around us that future generations are determined entirely by computers and software.

According to Google, a professional software developer can earn over $136,320 per annum.

Looking at this figure you can imagine the future of the software development industry’s growth.

Now, let’s see some programming languages for software development that can make your career in 2021.

Table of Content

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C++
  4. Java Script
  5. Swift

1. Python

It is a professional object-oriented programming language. Python language is a program having widespread implementation in web and application development.

Because python is easy to use as a programming language that’s why every beginner starting their software development career from python.

With python language, you can create Scientific and Numeric applications, Desktop GUIs, Business applications.

It is also widely used in machine learning and AI development.

According to Google, python programming is three-time easier than Java and Five times shorter than Java.

Some benefits of using python, python has open source and huge community support, python focus on code readability, and this is also helpful for OOP characteristics.

This language is much helpful for AIML (Artificial intelligence and machine learning).

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2. Java

Java is another object-oriented language using Java you can create API, networking, XML parsing. In 1996, James Gosling design Java at Sun Microsystems.

Especially all professional Android developers use Java. Additionally, Android studio-like big software runs on Java.

Some process of Java programming languages is it easy to learn and it has powerful open source rapid development tools.

A few of the cones of Java is expensive memory management, Java is slower than other complete programming languages like c and c ++.

On the internet, java has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. Looking at this positive rating, so you can imagine java’s popularity.

All professional developers say Java is the best programming language for software development.

3. C++

Using C++ you can create all low-level systems such as operating system file system etc. In 1983, Bjarne Stroustrup developed the C++ programming language.

C++ is the least complicated and one can easily learn and understand programming language.

If you learn C++ then you can easily learn c# Java and c language because all the programming languages are similar syntax to C++plus.

C++ is also popular in game development advance graphics complainer and advanced computation.

According to Google, the average salary of a C++ developer is $110,765 per year.

4. JavaScript

Back in the day, JavaScript’s another name was LiveScript after that this programming language improved a lot.

At present, this is a professional language for developing games creating object-oriented scripts also this is having an application for creating a bot.

JavaScript is the frontend programming language this used for design interactive frontage application.

One of the pros of JavaScript is, this is very fast, JavaScript can run immediately within the web browser because there is no compilation requirement.

JavaScript is also able to create logic like when you click on a button that opens a popup or open a new page that javascript has implemented.

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5. Swift

Swift is a powerful and professional programming language that has been used for macOS, iOS watch OS.

Specially developed love Swift because of the modern feature and development tools.

Swift is an open-source programming language that’s why it has a huge community and supportable team.

In 2010 Apple, has been introduced Swift this programming language is an alternative to objective c.

A few of the pros of Swift is, this is easy to read because Swift programming codes are near to natural English.

Swift has easy to add a feature that makes this professional and demanded language.

In our research, we found every professional iOS developer makes up to $130,800 per year or more from them.

What Is Software Development?

what is software development

Software development is the way to writing code designing applications for computer operating systems, smartphones, or PC.

A professional software developer tries his best to create new things all the time. For designing professional software, there are also three basic types.

System software is providing core functions such as operating system, disk management, and hardware management.

There are also other two types of software one is programming software and application software.

These two are also useful for different two different purposes for creating different things.

Which is the best programming language to learn in 2021?

Now you have known all programming languages for software development, After researching on the internet and talking with some professional developers, we can find that python is the best programming language to start.

Using python you can do object-oriented programming, python has extensive support libraries, and python is a language for web application development.

Python is relatively simple and it has a syntax that can easily readable. According to the python software foundation, python programming is three to five-time shorter than Java programming.

On the internet, This language has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 that shows python programming language popularity and future demand.


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