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New Instagram Features To Keep Young Users Safe

New Instagram Features To Keep Young Users Safe

Millions of people use Instagram as a tool to promote services or products they offer. However, these days, people are using Instagram and other social media apps like Facebook, Connected, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. to showcase their talents and creativity by making reels, videos, and post images.

People of all ages and backgrounds, including teenagers, have made their eyecatching profiles on Instagram safety Features and take it as a way of entertainment.

At the same time, teenagers are not safe on this platform. This is why Instagram has discovered new methods to safeguard teenagers. You can get a new set of exciting features, which will make teenagers feel safe while using this app.

Based on the Instagram safety Features, direct conversations between adults and teens may get restrict if they don’t follow each other.

This is the main reason why it has become difficult to find teenagers on this apps and it is a good thing Instagram has to offer.

Table of Content

  1. Why Instagram has improved privacy for teens?
  2. Check out the six ways to make teenagers feel secure on Instagram

1. Why Instagram has improved privacy for teens?

In past years, it has been seen that there are lots of anti-sexual exploitation organizations. Which criticized Instagram because there were many crimes occur al because of this platform.

Issues like sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, and adult fetishizing of young girls have to turn out to be a way to blackmail teen girls and women.

It has arisen the need for improving the privacy of Instagram so, that its users can use this platform without any worry. To avoid targeting teens by online predators, Instagram has added several safety features, which may include enhanced reporting systems. With this feature, users are allowing to switch off DMs from predators and strangers online.

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2. Check out the six ways to make teenagers feel secure on Instagram

Instagram has introduced many interesting features to safeguard teenagers on the platform from prospective predators. Learn these Instagram safety Features:

I. Encouraging teens to be more careful while getting DMs from adults

The most vital step Instagram is taking is to introduce the safety notices to Instagram users either adults or teens.

This platform will motivate teenagers by sending notices when adults with potentially suspicious behavior send them a direct message.

This feature gets alerted and notifies recipients by send DMs when any suspicious behavior is detected. The recipient can also end the conversation, report, or block, or restrict the senders as they do not need to feel annoying or pressured to reply to such DMs.

It is believe that this feature will guide teenagers while communicating with any adult they are in contact with.

II. Controlling conversations between teens and adults, who they do not follow

The primary aim of this feature is to safeguard teenagers from undesired contact from mature users.

According to this feature, it is impossible to send direct messages by adults to teenagers who are below 18 years and those teens who have not to follow them.

If any adult tries to send a DM to any teen, who is not following him/her. Then they will be getting a message, ‘You can’t message this account unless they follow you.’

This feature is based on the age-predicting AI by Instagram. The age any user mentions while creating an account on Instagram is used to decide whether or not these restrictions should be applied.

III. Hiding teenagers’ profiles from the Suggested Users List of Several Adults

Another safety measure by Instagram is to hide teenager’s accounts from the Suggested Users List of adults. Who are recognizing as prospective predators?

Adults who are showing some suspicious behavior, tend to find teen content in the ‘Explore tab’ or Reels. This needs to be prevented.

To stop this activity, Instagram has added a feature to hide adults’ comments on public posts by young users.

IV. Teens must make their accounts private

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Teens below 18 years of age should make their Instagram accounts private and it is not the requirement to follow by any teen. But they should take care of this thing.

If they have made their accounts private, then they can have better control or add privacy to their accounts.

V. Age prediction feature with its AI is enhance

As there are age restriction on Instagram teenagers need to go with, this is why they tend to lie about their birth date.

With this initiative, Instagram does not want such things to happen and this is why they are work on their age-prediction AI with their machine learning technology.

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VI. New guidelines for parents

This social media platform has introduced a new guide for parents. In this guide, they will get complete information on the updated privacy settings and safety tools.

Teenagers who have accounts on Instagram must communicate with their parents according to these new guidelines and this guide will help parents to know some tips, tricks, and tools on how to do conversations with their kids.

Do you think that social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Connect are secure for teens? If preventive safety measures are following, then they can get rid of online fraudsters, predators, etc.

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These are new Instagram safety Features that you have to know and follow.