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Famous Bike Trips in India

Famous Bike Trips in India

Trippin thru the road is one of the great exciting and amazing experiences to have, that everyone should make and cherish in a lifetime. A road trip is a glorious mission to be jaunt and earn literally memorable and worthwhile experiences. Road Trips with friends have their own significance though with anyone also it will be so synced and marveling. It’s like “Safar Khoobsurat hai Manzil use bhi”. Just cherish every bit of the road journey to the destination. A road tripper is one of the most exciting and fulfilling travel experiences. There are numerous famous bike trips in India, some top names that will certainly blow up your minds and serve you a complete serene journey and lifetime moments.

It is literally a splendid experience to learn new stuff, excitement, culture, heritage, etc, earn new travel junkies, an abundance of memories, and relish everything.

The trip might be on a bus, car, and two-wheeler, or even on foot but nothing can match the bike trips. Binge getaway is a must and via a road that adds more spice and flavor to Going on a road trip once in a while increases the feelings of pleasure and keeps a person in his best spirits.

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  1. Five Most Famous Bike Trips in India
  2. Things to Carry

Five Most Famous Bike Trips in India

Bike trips are a search for a destination with the hunger of living and earning every moment. It even elevates to connect to new buddies sharing and learning from experiences. Renowned and must trips to hunt down are;

Leh-Ladakh Bike Trip 

The Leh Ladakh biking tour is a setting defended with the blue-white skies, blue-green highlands. Seven snow-white ends with the relaxed blue water of the lake and luxurious green grass.

It’s truly a mesmerizing experience to float through the trails of Leh Ladakh via road relishing the moments, scenery, and beauty. This place is called “the roof-top of the world” with the reference to its high altitude. And the location at peak with such a breathtaking panoramic vibe and views. 

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Guwahati to Tawang Road Trip

Guwahati to Tawang Road Trip 

Tawang is a gorgeous destination located at a bit high altitude above sea level. It is the perfect natural paradise spot that is way beyond beauty. It’s a unique heavenly combination of Buddhist culture and Tibetan heritage that makes it magnetically mesmerizing. The journey to Tawang from Guwahati passes through lively deodorant forests, sprawling rivers, and gorgeous hills. The unpredictable exciting journey with alternation in ways, regions, weather, culture, and emotions, the trip gonna rock the soul inside.

Ahmedabad to Mount Abu 

Ahmedabad~Mehsana~Palanpur~Mount Abu route (216 KM)

The curvy narrow road from Abu Road to Mt Abu is full of greenery and reminds of Goan roads. Till now whenever one thinks of Rajasthan, pictures of the desert. And arid land used to come to mind but this road will surely change the perception. After some climbing, we rolled down the windows to experience the hilly breeze and feel the cool mountain air. 

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Bengaluru to Ooty

Ooty, also called Udhagamandalam, needs no introduction

This beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu is a place every avid traveler visits at least once in their life. The place has an undeniable charm that keeps people going back, again and again. Which has earned Ooty a place in the list of must-visit hill stations near Bangalore.

Chennai to Puducherry

Chennai to Puducherry 

It’s going to be an incredible day of your life. The fresh breeze with lovely jaunt surpassing rich flora is just too serene. Also, it gives some clarity on what we think. Start early morning or early evening to enjoy the landscape as well as the weather.

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Things to Carry 

  • With Good tyres for the slippery ghats. Make sure your bike is in good shape and condition. 
  • Check Tyres, brake pads and engine oil. 
  • If travelling via road, personal vehicle or rental bike, get a fuel tank full and also carry some extra fuel in cans, tool kit,puncture kit, spare parts, extra clutch cables, accelerator cables, fuses, tubes, air pump etc. along.
  • All safety equipment and riding accessories should be packed-helmet, good riding shoes,  riding gloves etc. 
  • It’s crucial to carry bikes papers, license, RC, Pollution or any other legal documentation formality 
  • For Rainy weather even one should be properly equipped with protective cover for bikes and even for themselves.