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11 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Business Name

11 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Business Name

If you are wondering about best business name, here you will know best tips on choosing a perfect business name for your brand.

A business without a name is something so unimaginable, right? How will the audience recall your brand
or ask for products/services if you don’t name them? Imagine how hard it would have been finding your
Spectrum WiFi plans if they were not named! How would a buyer differentiate between brands and
their packages?

For these and many other reasons, having a business name is mandatory. In the business world, you
have to get the name of your brand right. It must be catchy and represent your brand identity or values.
Unfortunately, many businesses have failed because of the wrong name.

Yes, the name is that critical!
Your business’s success depends on it. But coming up with a nice and catchy name is by no means easy.
Don’t fret, this blog introduces you to some tips to get your business name right. Follow along.

Table of Content

  1. What Do You Want To Convey
  2. Conduct a Brainstorming Sessions
  3. Avoid All Names That Are Hard to Spell
  4. Don’t Pick Something That Could Limit Your Business
  5. Never Copy Your Competitor
  6. Go For a.Com Domain Name
  7. Make Sure the Name Is Catchy
  8. Stay Away From Trends
  9. Don’t use your own name
  10. Get Feedback
  11. Be Personally Happy With the Name

1: What Do You Want To Convey

First things first, what message do you want to convey via your business name? Ideally, by reading o
hearing your business name, customers should be able to quickly resonate with what it’s about. This
name should be able to distinguish your brand or business from the rest.

2: Conduct a Brainstorming Sessions

Once you are clear about what you want to convey via the name of your business, it’s time for
brainstorming sessions.
Use words that describe your product, service, or industry. You may also consider words describing the
benefits of your products/service. The name choosing process is going to take some time. It won’t
happen in the very first session. Keep on conducting sessions until you get it right.

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3: Avoid All Names That Are Hard to Spell

Cross all names from the list that are hard to spell or could be misspelled. Your goal must be to finalize a
name that’s simple and easy to remember like the brand “Apple.”

4: Don’t Pick Something That Could Limit Your Business

Never settle for a too narrow name. If Amazon’s name was “Online Books”, it would have been stuck
with books and couldn’t sell so many diverse items. Therefore, don’t limit your business by choosing a
product or even a city name that could limit your growth in the future.

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5: Never Copy Your Competitor

never copy your competitor

Every business owner wants to be better than its competitors. I am sure you are keeping a close eye on
the competition. But that doesn’t mean you can copy your competitor’s name or choose a name that’s
too similar to theirs. This could hurt your brand image and confuse customers.
Be unique, settle for a name that best describes your business.

6: Go For a .Com Domain Name

It’s strongly recommended to buy a domain name that ends with .com as opposed to .biz, .net, or .org
A .com domain is more credible. Customers won’t buy from your website or do business if they don’t
trust your business just because of the domain name.

7: Make Sure the Name Is Catchy

No one likes a boring business name. Encourage your employees to say without hesitation if they think
the name isn’t catchy and won’t resonate with your audience.

stay away from trends

It’s not recommended to go for a business that is too mainstream. Sure trends are cool but they are
short-lived. After a few months or years, these trends become obsolete. You wouldn’t want to be stuck
with a business name that’s outdated.

9: Don’t Use Your Own Name

Avoid using your name when it comes to naming your business. However, there are some cases in which
it makes sense to integrate your name such as Automattic (Founder: Matt) but not always.

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10: Get Feedback

Before you finalize the name, you MUST get feedback. Run the names by your colleagues, friends, or
family members. You may also get feedback from your target audience.
Chances are you like a name but the audience doesn’t. After all, you are selling to the masses so might
as well give them what they like. Make the final decision based on the feedback.

11: Be Personally Happy With the Name

This whole process can take some time and it should because you can’t go back once the name is
legalized. If you like the name and you are certain it resonates with your customers, it’s time to own it!