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Top 10 Casino places in India to visit in 2021

Gambling has always been a popular culture in India. People have taken bets during the IPL season, cricket matches, and more. Hence it is no surprise that gambling in casino places in India is a millennial favorite. 

India is still relatively new to casinos. Many states in India do not sanction casinos. The reason is the unfortunate discrepancy in gambling laws in each state. To cope with such laws, Indians also came up with several online casino games.

There are three states in India that have taken up the bold initiative. They have legalized casino places. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim have legalized casino places in India.

Therefore It is not difficult to see why casino places are getting popular. Millennials love to get out of their comfort zone, and casinos are the answer to that experience. 

Here is a top 10 casino places list in India:

Table of Content

  1. Deltin royale casino, Goa
  2. Chances – The Casino
  3. Dunes – The casino
  4. Casino Mayfair
  5. The Deltin Hotel, Daman
  6. Casino Crown
  7. Deltin Denzong, Sikkim
  8. Casino Paradise
  9. Grand 7 Casino
  10. Casino Mahjong
    1. 1. Deltin Royale Casino, Goa

      Deltin Royale Casino Goa

      The Deltin chain of casinos is one of the best in India. Deltin is one of the most popular casinos in Goa. With its exquisite luxury cruise, it is one of the biggest attractions in Goa.

      This casino does luxury gambling like no other. With a diverse collection of games, the assorted seafood is just as big an attraction in Goa.

      Deltin Royale is among the casino places in India to visit. It is luxurious and should make its way to your bucket list.

      2. Chances – The Casino

      Chances: The Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Goa. It is known for its bright ambiance and beautiful indoor attractions. So, if you have been thinking of visiting Goa in winter, then Chances will be your happy place.

      With luxury gaming and delicious food, and this is one way to enjoy indoor attractions in Goa.

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      3. Dunes – The Casino

      Dunes: You can find the casino in the Zuri White Sands. They offer the total casino experience: video games, card games, pool tables, and more.

      Located in the secluded Zuri White Sands, this casino is a beach resort that welcomes family members to experience Goan culture.

      Dunes: The Casino is an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself and your family. It offers a complete holiday experience and does not limit itself to the casino experience.

      You can also go on a staycation or a vacation at Dunes – The Casino.

      4. Casino Mayfair

      Casino Mayfair

      In Mayfair Gangtok, you can partake of the best gambling experience in India. Sikkim might be a small state, but it compensates for its tourism industry.

      The state has updated its tourism industry which helps attract more tourists and the Casino Mayfair is also one of the major attractions of the place.

      The Casino Mayfair is open 24/7 for its customers. Anyone can experience it is majestic, with the choicest food and beverage served up by the hotel. Casino Mayfair was also the first on-shore casino in India.

      Classic games like Roulette and Blackjack, Mini Flush – all these belong to the repertoire of the Casino Mayfair.

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      5. The Deltin Hotel, Daman

      Daman’s Deltin Hotel is part of India’s largest casino resorts. It attracts both gamers and tourists in equal measures. The hotel also has luxury spa services, a poolside bar, and live music. With gourmet food and high-end service, the casino at the Deltin Hotel is one way to unwind during the holiday season. 

      6. Casino Crown – Best Casino Places in India

      Relatively new in the Goan casino culture, Casino Crown has already become the rage. It fulfills all your dream-like luxury casino fantasies with vintage games and electronic games for entertainment.

      With its lush ambiance, the Casino Crown is sure to enchant you during your Goa trip. 

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      7. Deltin Denzong, Sikkim

      Another Deltin venture – this time in Sikkim. Located 6000 feet above sea level, this casino also offers a panoramic experience of Mt Kanchenjunga. It has classic games like Teen Patti and Blackjack.

      8. Casino Paradise 

      Casino paradise

      Located in Panjim, Goa, Casino Paradise forms the heart of the Goan casino culture and it is one of those casinos which has adopted the new technology-based casino games.

      With a lush, modern ambiance, and this one is sure to be a big hit with your friends’ group.

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      9. Grand 7 Casino

      A small casino in Candolim, North Goa, the Grand 7 Casino is one of the best places for casinos to visit that you can visit alsoThis one is luxurious and intimate, perfect for a weekend getaway with close friends and family.

      You also get to explore offbeat places in your leisure and the Grand 7 Casino has vintage and classic games to lift your mood.

      10. Casino Mahjong

      The Casino Mahjong has about 150 games to keep you entertained and it is located in the five-star hotel Ranipool with classic games like Kitty (Russian Flush) and also has VVIP gaming room.

      It comes as no surprise that states are legalizing casino places in India. Tourism has increased interest in Goa. Consequently, Daman and Sikkim followed in Goa’s footsteps.


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